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Longniddry Bents

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment

The rotted hull of an old wooden vessel come to rest on the sands in view of Cockenzie power station: it’s struts protruding from the sand like the rib cage of some monstrous sea creature from a distant age, shrouded in the mists of time.

Longniddry beach with wreck and power station in background

The day was eeire. It was sunny and warm when we left the house but as we descended to the level of the sea we could feel the temperature dropping. When we got to the beach mist was rolling in off the sea in great clouds and evaporating as soon as it came thirty yards up the shore.  Very strange, to be surrounded in mist and see the blue sky and sea just beyond – not to mention the wreckage that had been washed up that day.

I took this photo on my phone. You can see a photo taken nearer the wreckage on my tumblr. At the time I wished I had had an actual camera with me. Now I see that it didn’t really matter. The important thing about that strange day was it’s weird and eerie beauty – to be enjoyed at the time.

I think that’s why I’ve never developed my interest in photography; if something’s interesting enough to photograph, I usually want to take it in with my senses rather than worrying about objectifying it.

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