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Orange Juice

March 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Orange Juice were a Scottish band that were around in the early eighties. They ticked so many boxes in the requirements list for a great band. They also ticked the box that said ‘destined to remain on the obscure fringes of underground/indie popularity but will inspire legions of other bands and stay rooted in the hearts of their fans forever’.

Edwyn Collins in 'Dada with Juice'

Their influences range from Velvet Underground to Al Green, and there’s a lot of fertile territory in between. Heartbreaking songs; enquiring songs; cheeky songs. Their sound was gloriously shambolic guitar pop with vocals that seemed like someone trying to sing like someone else, but there was noone else who sung like that.

I never got the chance to see Orange Juice, but I did once play at a  festival in Glasgow that Edwyn Collins was also playing at. It was a choice between watching him or Van Morrison. I love Van Morrison, but this was a no brainer.

At the time they were creeping into my sphere of interest I saw “Dada with Juice” on TV and this fast tracked them straight to my core. The bit I remember most vividly was that clip of them performing ‘Simply Thrilled, Honey” in an Orange Juice factory.

This also sparked in me a lasting fondness for Dada as evidenced by my first post on this blog – and there was you thinking it was a tribute to Talking Heads…

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