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Charles Dickens

March 6, 2011 3 comments

What can I say about Charles Dickens? He’s deserving of his place in the literary pantheon. He’s now an entire genre rather than just an author. He and his work have become an adjective.

Charles Dickens action figure

I’ve read most of his books. I’ll allow myself to read the others one every few years, so I can still look forward to reading them for the first time.

If pushed, I’d say my favourite so far has been Dombey and Son. I don’t think this one has been made into a film yet, or dramatised by the BBC. All the usual stuff is in there: squallor, injustice, fortune, vivid and lurid realisations of Victorian life, unforgettable characters, genius narrative, but in this one it seems even more so. Perhaps, because I formally studied this novel I was more alert to its use of symbolism, and the death of Walter moved me to a tear.

So here’s a picture of one my favourite things. Yes, a Charles Dickens action figure my daughter bought me for Christmas. He sits on top of my monitor, watching me. My youngest son is called Charles. Dickens was one of the reasons why I thought this was a proud name to give my child.

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