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Caravaggio – The beheading of St John

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

As 1990 passed into 1991 I visited Malta with my now-wife. We went into St John’s Cathedral in Valetta and stood for a while, flabbergasted before this painting:

A picture of The beheading of St John by Caravaggio

  • The cruel subject is treated very realistically
  • You’re looking at it in a Cathedral rather than a gallery
  • It is absolutely massive

If you’re ever in Valetta do drop in to see the painting above along with several other works by Caravaggio.

I’ve mentioned before that I used to work in Edinburgh’s Filmhouse. A year or so before going to Malta I had seen Derek Jarman’s beautiful, cruel and cinematographically-faithful-to-the-subject film of the scandalous painter’s life. If you’re not likely to be in Valetta any time soon, the film is well worth a watch.

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