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March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

When I was at college we had a ‘field trip’ to Edinburgh’s Modern Art Gallery. I think we were in the core of the postmodernism part of our studies. I’d yet to acknowledge that visual art had any bearing on my life. I wasn’t aware of anything having ‘spoken’ to me yet. I hadn’t been making any effort to listen. I was a bit of a book snob back then.

Giacometti Woman with her throat cutAmong the many striking pieces on display at the gallery I came across this little bronze cast sculpture. It is a little sculpture. You could hold it in your hands; it’s about the size of a kitten. I looked at it for ages, long after the others had moved on, and I returned to it before we left.

What got me was its savagery. Apart from the violated, grotesque and degraded, splayed out form of a woman, although you can’t see it too clearly in this picture, the slit in her throat is clearly a lacerated trachea.

A very powerful piece. It got me in the gut in a way that no piece of art had done before and I realised then the power of art to communicate in a way that words can’t.


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