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Charlie dancing

It’s been a while since I posted a photo. I do like a good photo and, without devaluing the form or lowering the bar, it would seem that good photos are becoming more abundant. My definition of ‘good’ has always been pretty broad; favouring neither technical proficiency, framing, lighting or content, but welcoming them all. Of course, luck can also play a large part in determining whether or not a photo is good.

I’ve taken many thousands of photos and very occasionally I get the sense, even before I’ve taken my finger off the shutter release, that the photo has been a good one. I got that sense when I took the following photo of my son at his street dance class. I snapped it on my phone.

I like this photo because I like Charlie’s shape in it. I like the light and the colours and the movement in it. I like that I wish I was the wee boy in the photo doing what Charlie’s doing. A few people have also said they liked it, so here it is:

Charlie dancing

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