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November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

This truly is one hell of a picture.

Saturn had been warned that a son would overthrow him, so he ate each of his sons to prevent this. He didn’t just kill them. He didn’t just not have any. He ate them. There are a few other paintings of this, most of which stick to fairly traditional, classical representations of dieties.

What I like about this is that Saturn is portrayed as a horrifying, debased monster; his madness opening the doors to any act of depravity; the depravity feeding the madness. Gods gone crazy with paranoia for their power. I like to think this is how the originators of the Roman pantheon envisaged him. It’s easy to see why monotheism flourished.

Goya originally painted this directly onto the wall of his dining room. As it was transferred onto canvas, it’s thought that detail was lost which would surely have earned it the mantle of most scandalous and controversial painting in history. Modesty prevents me from describing the detail.

So, I was thinking; Father’s Day card, perhaps?

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