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December 6, 2010 2 comments

I was trying to work out what it was about owls that makes me like them so much.

Little OwlI can trawl through loads of times when real owls have impressed me: that time a barn owl flew out in front of my car as I was driving home one night; various bird of prey centres and zoos. The picture of the Little Owl on the left is currently my screen saver. They’re enchanting birds. For me, I think, the reason they’re enchanting is something to do with the body of associations that surround them.

I love the article written for the ornithological publication by Night owl in The Watchmen. I love it in Gormenghast when the Earl is killed by the Death Owls in the Tower of Flints. Here they’re portrayed as swift, wise and deadly.

Bubo, gifted to Perseus by Athena, in the original (and best) Clash of the Titans was another owl who impressed me when I was a young lad. Ultimately, it was Bubo who ensured the Kraken was defeated. Bubo also had a comic, ridiculous aspect which I’ve been unable to separate off from my owl archetype.

Sage the Owl, from The HerbsBut I think I have to go even further back into my childhood to find the root, the source of my fascination with owls. Back to Sage the Owl, from The Herbs. I don’t actually remember much about this show at all. What I do remember is that, until I saw God depicted as a man, the picture of Him I had in my head was that of Sage the Owl.

So, deep down, in some pre-reasoning, intuitive understanding (a bit like Faith), I must nurture a belief that God exists in owl form. Or, at least in the form of Sage the Owl, from The Herbs.

Ah… So that’s why I like owls.

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Pole Vault

November 8, 2010 1 comment

My pole vaulting masterclass (fail).

(9366 KB)
Watch on posterous

I like this.

It makes me feel lucky.

Lucky I didn’t end up impaled on a broken branch.


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