Photo of meI had no clear purpose for starting this blog. Now that I’ve been updating it for a couple of months, I see that it’s really just a collection of stuff that I’m into.

At first I thought I could use it as a ranting platform as well (there is an almost overwhelming amount of annoying tosh out there), but it seems to be the case that I’d rather praise stuff that’s good than bellyache about stuff that’s bad.

All the things I write about are things that have brought me pleasure in one way or another.

I don’t expect to say anything new about any of these things; nothing that you couldn’t get from Wikipedia or by the most rudimentary googling of the subject. But I do want to put these things into a personal context.

So, if you’re stuck for a DVD to hire, or a band to listen to, or a book to read you might stumble across something here.

Or you might want to steer clear of these things.

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