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William Blake – God Creating the Universe

After my first conception of how God looked, it was a long time before I perceived of Him as having human form. I knew that, apparently, he created us in His image but I found it difficult to get my head round the fact that that meant his physical form was that of ours. I could only think of him in spiritual, uncorporeal form. The ‘man with a long beard’ idea of God seemed a bit spurious.

God Creating the Universe by William BlakeThen I saw Blake’s painting. This representation did Him justice and made me feel comfortable with the bearded man image of the Almighty.

I like that in this painting, Creation is depicted as thoughtful, meticulous physical work: work that, paradoxically for The Divine Creator, is carried out with the assistance of a scientific instrument.

I also like the gaudy colours in this painting. They hark back to what you’re more likely to find in medeival painting, rather than the more harmonious ones of the rennaisance. Of course, William Blake had developed an entirely unique method of engraving and print reproduction that may have been employed in the production of this image.

In the development of western culture in art, literature and commentary, William Blake is a giant.

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